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to the World:
June 20, 2024

8 healthy puppies born! 
4 blacks, 4 yellows; 3 boys, 5 girls.

UPDATE  July 9th:  1 yellow male available.

Going home:  August 16-23, 2024

Blue boy
Blue Boy Swaddled
Blue and Lamb
Purple Boy
Soon-to-be a Canadian girl
Black girl (yellow) and boy (red)
Yellow males 4 days old
Black male (red) sleeping, July 4
Yellow male, 2 days old
Yellow male (purple), July 10
Black female smiling (orange)
Yellow female (green)
Black female (orange)
Yellow girl (cyan) with Joy
Yellow boy (purple)
Yellow boy (blue)
Green girl asleep - Copy
Pedigree Rowdy x Joy.png


Photos of the Stud:  "Rowdy"

About Rowdy


Rowdy is a very handsome male with a fantastic personality.  Rowdy is a smaller framed, blockier headed boy that weighs approximately 60 lb. He is fantastic to watch in the field and a joy to hunt with. Rowdy is very easy to train, picks up new skills very quickly, and is a fantastic marker.  Show him how to do something a couple times and he has it down. He is wonderful in the house as well, with a great off switch. Rowdy’s pedigree is incredible and stacked with highly titled dogs. His sire is 4xGMPR Wandermers Tazverniti QAA MA and his dam is Rattlinridge Amazing Grace MH. Both come from lines heavy in field champions. 

in the grass (2).jpg
Roy water.jpg
The ideal homes for these pups...

would be with experienced handlers who participate in hunt tests in APLA, AKC, HRC and other venues, and would use these dogs to hunt both upland birds and waterfowl.  These puppies are bred to be competitors and versatile gun dogs as well as great family companions.  They should be exercised off-leash on a regular basis, kept at a healthy weight, and be part of your family.  Males will likely be in the 60-70 lb range, while females are expected to be in the 50-57 lb range.  Financial incentives will be given to owners who earn Master-level titles on their Joy Luck pups.

Breeders in Our Community

Each Good Breeder in our community is committed to a set of standards created in collaboration with our breeder, veterinary, and academic advisors. We know that there is not, and may never be, consensus about how to best take care of and raise our dogs. However, membership in our community represents a breeder’s commitment to prioritize for the health and well-being of their dogs, engage in honest communication with their customers and to follow responsible breeding practices. Membership is not an endorsement by any one breeder of the practices of any other breeder, but rather a commitment to bring transparency and accountability to their practices in order to promote and enhance the welfare of their dogs.

Breeding and Care

All participating breeders agree to:

  1. Strive to ensure that every litter is the result of conscientious planning, including consideration of parents' temperament and physical well-being, clearances for hereditary diseases, pedigree and parentage.

  2. Provide the proper care and a clean, safe environment for all dogs on the premises, which includes at a minimum:

    • Preventative veterinary care for dogs and veterinary care when sick or injured

    • Indoor spaces with protection from extreme temperatures

    • Outdoor access when temperatures are safe for specific breed of dog

    • Appropriate daily food and water (in accordance with breed, age, reproductive status, and size)

    • Regular interaction, exercise, socialization, environmental enrichment (e.g. toys), and outlets to engage in normal behavior such as chewing and digging

    • If housed in kennels:

      • Appropriate living space with no wire flooring

      • Cleaned at least daily with comfortable, padded spaces for sleeping

      • Daily exercise and time to socialize with other dogs and people

  3. Provide the proper care and a clean, safe environment for a female and her litter, which includes the following (in addition to all the above):

    • A quiet, non-stressful environment for nursing/whelping separate from other dogs

    • Enough space to move around alongside, and not on top of, puppies

    • The opportunity to rest away from puppies if she chooses

    • Whelping area should be cleaned frequently due to the extra waste from the puppies

  4. Not breed a female before she is physically and mentally mature (which depends on breed), and then only if she has been examined by a licensed veterinarian and is in excellent health.

  5. Not breed a female beyond the appropriate age for her breed or as is advised by a licensed veterinarian.

  6. Not allow a female to rear more than the appropriate number of litters in her lifetime for her breed (which is generally no more than 4 to 6 litters) or as is advised by a licensed veterinarian.

  7. Ensure all puppies are seen by a licensed veterinarian as a part of a full veterinary exam with a clean bill of health (unless an exemption is applicable), are given appropriate shots and are dewormed or have a negative fecal exam before going to a new home.

  8. Provide age appropriate interaction and socialization to all puppies until they leave for their forever homes.

  9. Comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Placing Dogs with New Owners

All participating breeders agree to:

  1. Keep puppies for as long as it takes to make sure they are placed in suitable homes.

  2. Not allow any puppy to leave for its new home before an age appropriate for its breed (generally 8 weeks or older and not younger than 7 weeks).

  3. Screen all prospective owners to determine their suitability and motives for acquiring a dog by interviewing owners with specific questions.

  4. Disclose any known health issues of a dog before it goes to a new home.

  5. Never misrepresent the characteristics of a breed or a dog.

  6. Make sure that each dog, upon release to its new owners, is accompanied by the following:

    • Health certificate including vaccination and deworming dates and all prior health records (unless an exemption is applicable)

    • A sales contract (preferable)

    • A health guarantee (preferable)

    • National registry registration documentation (if applicable)

    • Resources regarding breed-specific health problems and expectations (preferable)

  7. Maintain detailed records of each litter they breed.

  8. Refrain from selling to buyers that haven't been screened appropriately and approved. Any prospective buyer will be thoroughly vetted and screened to ensure each puppy ends up in a safe home.

  9. Be available to answer questions and offer guidance to new owner for the entire lifetime of the dog.

  10. For the lifetime of the dog, regardless of the reason or circumstances, take back or help to rehome the dog if the new owner is no longer able to care for them.

  11. Encourage new owners to abide by our Responsible Dog Ownership Code of Ethics.

Image by Wim van 't Einde

Our Health

Joy in upland point.jpg

30 month health guarantee against congenital hip and elbow dysplasia and eye disease causing blindness. Lifetime guarantee against congenital heart defects and puppies affected by EIC, CNM, PRA, OSD, DM, HNPK, SD2, CMS, or MCD.  Embark DNA health testing will be performed on the entire litter.  Pups are $2200 with a non-refundable $500 deposit after whelping, and come with full AKC and UKC registration.

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