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4xGMPR HRCH-TC1 Blackjack Ms Mighty Tub O Bliss MH

Joy's 5-generation family tree includes some of the most celebrated names in the field trial and pointing Lab worlds, including Jazztime, Hot Tub, Super Sonic, Lean Mac, and Honcho, as well as Hall of Fame dogs Grits, Thor, Cajun, Raider, Nappy, Choice, Chica, and Super Powder.

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Born on June 5, 2019 in Chanute, KS, Joy was the last female left in a repeat breeding of Winston x Lacey.  This itself was an anomaly, as usually Blackjack Kennels' pups are all claimed before they're born.  Sight unseen and following a vague but strong intuition that I was supposed to buy this puppy, I purchased her, trusting her pedigree would prove itself as good in real life as it looked on paper.  And it turned out that gut feeling was right...

Joy started competing in APLA hunt tests at 13 months of age, where she went 3 for 3 to earn her Advanced Pointing Retriever and Master Pointing Retriever titles.  She then entered her first AKC hunt tests the following month and went 3 for 3 in Senior Hunter and earned her 3xGMPR title before the COVID-shortened season closed.

She picked up where she left off the following spring, finishing her SH and 4xGMPR titles and began running in HRC tests, where she went 8 for 8 to earn her HRCH title.  She simultaneously began running AKC Master Hunter tests, finishing her MH title and qualifying for the 2022 Master National at the age of 3. (Unfortunately, she went into heat at the Master National, so she had to scratch.)  The following season, she passed the APLA Triple Crown Invitational in Idaho over Labor Day weekend 2023, to earn her TC1 title. She then went on to Georgia a few weeks later and passed the AKC Master National invitational, earning the coveted MNRC plate. 

She is a 55 lb petite, agile and athletic 5-year old whose call name "Joy" suits her perfectly.  She's bouncy and fun, but when she's working, she's all business.  Her intelligence and natural cautiousness make her a quick learner who rarely makes mistakes.  She is extremely biddable, an accurate marker, yet perseveres to dig out difficult birds. 


In the upland field, she rarely misses a bird, hunting methodically within gun range and pointing naturally.  In the duck blind, she is a quiet observer whom everyone loves to hunt with because you forget she's there until the birds fall and she's sent for the retrieves.  

At home, she has wonderful house manners and loves to cuddle on the bed or the couch with her human.

A versatile and successful hunter and competitor, Joy is the epitome of all that a pointing Lab should be.


* MPR title at 13 months of age.
* 3xGMPR just before turning 16 months of age at the conclusion of the 2020 hunt test season.
* Completed her 4XGMPR, AKC SH, and HRC HR titles the following spring (2021) at the age of 2.

* Qualified for the 2021 APLA Triple Crown Invitational (did not enter).
* Earned her HRC Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH) title on her 3rd birthday and her AKC Master Hunter (MH) title a few weeks later, qualifying for the 2022 AKC Master National (scratched due to coming in heat).

* Qualified for the 2023 APLA Triple Crown Invitational.  

* Passed the 2023 APLA Triple Crown Invitational, to earn her 4xGMPR-TC1 title

* Qualified for the AKC Master National in 2023.

* Passed the 2023 AKC Master National competition, earning her first MNRC plate



UKC Reg: R293-730

AKC Reg: SS13026611

Paw Print Genetics 3/26/2020:


Stargardt Disease-CLEAR
CMS (Labrador Retriever Type)-CLEAR

MCD (Labrador Retriever Type)-CLEAR


Embark Panel 2023:
Clear on all 256 health conditions that Embark tests.


Color:  yellow
Coat genotype:  eeBb

D LOCUS: LR-DL2014/13F-PI (non-dilute)



OFA CHIC Number 160190 (ALL NORMAL)


OFA Hips: LR-256195E24F-VPI (Excellent)

OFA Elbow: LR-EL104463F24-VPI (Normal)

Advanced Cardiac: LR-ACA3279/31F-VPI (Normal auscultation, EKG, echo)

Eye CERF/CAER: LR-EYE20936/38F-VPI (Normal, with breeder option, iris to iris persistent pupillary membrane on 08/10/2022)

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